Ebola Task Force

We have mobilized our best scientists to join forces in an extraordinary Ebola Task Force.


Our organization has pulled together all available resources to give this global challenge the response it urgently needs. We will also continue our research on Ebola to find sustainable solutions for future outbreaks.

To address this challenge, Institut Pasteur has given its strongest possible response.

Institut Pasteur has set up an expert team of more than 50 world class scientists to dedicate their time and expertise on Ebola. They are international experts within various professions, including virologists, chemists, biologists and genetics experts.

We are working around the clock to explore, test, and eventually implement the most effective solutions science has to offer to stop this epidemic.

Our Ebola Task Force is fighting the virus on three fronts: we are on the ground in West Africa; we are in the laboratory gaining crucial knowledge on the virus and how it spreads; and we are leaving no stone unturned in order to find a medical solution that will stop this outbreak and prevent new ones in the future.

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