You can help us make Ebola history

Your contribution can help address the urgency of the current epidemic, and give Institut Pasteur crucial assistance in the fight against future outbreaks of Ebola.

How your contribution can make a difference

Institut Pasteur has set up an Ebola Task Force of more than 50 world class scientists from various professions; virologists, chemists, biologists and genetics experts, to dedicate their time and expertise to Ebola. Now we are looking for partners to support our effort. 

Whether you are an individual, represent a corporation, organization, or government, your contribution can become crucial to push Ebola into history.

In terms of what Institut Pasteur can offer its partners, please contact us:

Dag Abrahamsen
Telephone: 00 47 90 54 87 31


Why does Institut Pasteur need your support?

To address the Ebola outbreak, Institut Pasteur has mobilized its scientists to join forces in the Ebola Task Force.

However, the situation is urgent, and we believe that unless measures are taken now, this outbreak will not be the last.

Therefore Institut Pasteur is calling for financial partners to back up its world class scientists. Our organization has pulled together all available resources to respond to this challenge. We will also continue our research on Ebola to find sustainable solutions for future outbreaks.

Nevertheless we are a private non-profit foundation. Therefore, we need outside funding for these extraordinary research projects.

Our Ebola Task Force is fighting the virus on three fronts.

We are close to significant breakthroughs on these three fronts. Now we need your help for the final push to make Ebola history. 

Only a broad scientific approach will help us eradicate Ebola. Learn more about our efforts:

Preventing the virus

Diagnosing the virus

Treating the virus

Understanding the virus